Freeze Dried Dutch Chocolate Ice Cream 47g

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Batch : GOFS012023 | Optimal use date : 09/21/2028

Freeze Dried Dutch Chocolate Ice Cream 47g, Delicious Dessert Freeze Dried Ice Cream in Chocolate Flavor, Backpacking & Camping Food - Emergency Food, Sweet Snack

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All our products are packaged for long term 20+ Years.

If you have a sweet tooth, this will satisfy your craving.  Super chocolaty taste. Astronaut style, crunchy ice cream that melts in your mouth.  Freeze dried icecream is sometimes called astonaut icecream

  • Rich and creamy real ice cream
  • Made with 100% Canadian milk
  • No artifitial colours or flavours
  • Made in a peanut & nut free facility
  • Perfect for homemade recipes
  • May come in scoops or cube

Note: This product is taxable

Added 11/28/22 - While this product is packaged the same way as our 25 year products, we have a put a 5 year expiry date as we expect people will want  to consume these in short order.

  • ✅??? ????? - The Freeze Dried Ice Cream from Pure Choice is a lovely alternative for a refined dessert. A scrumptious delicacy you can't possibly resist.
  • ✅?? ???? ??? ? ???????- Enjoy a chocolate freeze-dried ice cream that does not require refrigeration. So there is absolutely no need for a freezer for its storage.
  • ✅???????, ????????- As this Ice cream does not require a freezer, and has no need to be refrigerated, you can carry it anytime, anywhere. Just open a pack and have a dessert whenever you feel like it.
  • ✅????? ?? ??? - Freeze-dried ice cream comes in ready-to-eat form. You don’t have to go through the hassle of making dessert from scratch. Unlike ice creams that melt, it won’t get messy.
  • ✅????? ?????- This Dutch Chocolate ice cream sandwich is a great option because it was specially developed for sweet tooths. On days when you want something sweet, it is ideal.

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