New Products

New Products



Shipping in Canada is expensive.  We charge you exactly what Canada Post charges us. We do not offer free shipping as we would just have to raise our prices to include it. Retail stores sell our products for a bit more, but they don’t have shipping. If you place an order for $149 or  more we automatically give you a $10 discount off shipping.


There are no nuts at all in any of products or in our facility. We are NUT FREE.


Cross Contamination and Gluten

In our process, we buy our food frozen and individually packed. We then take that food and place on a cleaned tray with fresh parchment paper (vegetable based) so even if there were trace elements from a previous batch, the new food does not touch the tray. In this way you can be just as confident as buying a package of frozen food from the grocery store, that it has not touched any other product.


When we run a batch, we do not mix loads. This means we do not do several things at the same time. Our candy product like ice cream sandwiches, are done in a separate smaller and dedicated freeze drier in order to further separate foods from each other.


Where is the product from?

It is important to know where your food comes from. Since we manufacture the product here in Canada it would be easy for us to just say Made in Canada on everything. However, its import to us that we give you as much accurate information as possible. We put the source country of origin on all our packages. This means when we say Canada, it was grown in Canada and so on.


We never buy any products from places like China. The air is polluted, the water is polluted and the ground is polluted. This means the food is also polluted. They also have a bad track record off adding things like melamine to products without telling anyone. Believe it or not, most freeze-dried companies use products from China. Why? Because is much cheaper. We believe the product should be nutritional correct and free from additives and contaminants.